Smokey Quartz Tumbled

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Smoky Quartz tumbled stones. These are light in color. Natural not treated. See photo for size. You will receive one.

We will handpick one stone for you. The stone will be from the batch that is pictured, however it may not be a stone from the photo as the batch was quite large.
Smokey Quartz Healing Properties

Smokey Quartz �ÊÌöÌà Serenity �ÊÌöÌà Calmness �ÊÌöÌà Positive thoughts �ÊÌöÌà Calms fear �ÊÌöÌà Lifts depression �ÊÌöÌà Stability �ÊÌöÌà Practicality �ÊÌöÌà Intuition �ÊÌöÌà Pride