Emerald Tumbled

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This is for one Tumbled Emerald. See 3rd photo for size reference. Small are under 1" in length, Medium are 1" - 1.25" in length, Large are over 1.25" in length.

‰ۡå»å« Love ‰ۡå»å« Romance ‰ۡå»å« Joy ‰ۡå»å« Cleansing ‰ۡå»å« Intuition ‰ۡå»å« Clairvoyance ‰ۡå»å« Faith ‰ۡå»å« Serenity ‰ۡå»å« Intelligence ‰ۡå»å« Clear vision ‰ۡå»å« Truth ‰ۡå»å« Memory & Communication ‰ۡå»å« Physical & Emotional healing

Emerald is a 20th Anniversary gemstone and a 55th Anniversary gemstone. A variety of Beryl, Emerald is a precious gemstone.