1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book of Shadows

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Hand-tooled blank leather journal with unadorned cover and hand-stitched edging. Sizes vary slightly. Leather, handmade paper. 240 pages, latch closure. 5 1/2” x 9”, (made from goat leather).

Blank Book of Shadows Uses in Wicca & Rituals-A Book of Shadows is the name used for a blank book that contains magical and religious texts in the religion of Wicca and certain other neopagan witchcraft traditions. Typically, a Book of Shadows contains the core rituals, magical practices, ethics, and philosophy of Wicca within it, and more often a list of the witch's personal spells. Blank book of shadows are a perfect start-up tools for anyone just entering the craft as once you find a book of shadows that suits your specific tastes you can draw and write all your spells, rituals, and thoughts down into one tomb. Books of shadows are considered a backbone to anyone practicing witchcraft and Wicca and every book of shadows is considered sacred and holds a piece of the practitioner's own energy within its pages.